This is #kendylife!

#kendylife is a brand created by Kendrick Ng which consists his super flat doodle art and webcomic series. It features some chibi characters like KendyKun (himself), Natsuko, Kuma the dragon, and their friends in the comic or in his super flat artworks. 

Through Kendrick and his friends’ shared life experiences of humour, puns, the latest Internet trends, slice of life, quotes in comic and doodles on Starbucks paper cups, it eventually becomes the next subject of his doodles and webcomics, which forms the life and times of KendyKun.

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Let's look at the number of projects...

Over 1300+ Completed Projects & Still Counting

These are just a few examples of the many companies and brands that #Kendylife has worked with throughout the years. The collaborations with these companies have helped to promote his artwork to a wider audience, while also providing these companies with unique and engaging content for their marketing campaigns.

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