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Executive, Malaysia (Positive thinker, creative and nature lover!)

Dear Kendy,
This Christmas I just wanna wish you:
Keep a positive attitude all the time,
Express yourself with love daily,
Never lose faith cause God loves you,
Dedicate your time for loved ones too,
Respond with kindness,
20i6 to be an adventurous and joyful year,
Change the world to be a safer place via your positive influential vibe,
Keep on going even when life gets tough because in Christ everything is possible for him who believes.


Christopher Tock
SEO & Chief Digital Strategist of

Thank you for providing the chance to be part of your anniversary!

While maintaining a client’s account, I noticed a hardworking chap doodling away during the Malaysia Social Media Week summit, contributing to the conversation. I realized later that it was a cute and informative doodle that our participants loved, even made it to a, a viral site! Kendrick is never one to be stingy with his skills, and that’s what I love about him. Since then, we’ve become more than just good friends, supporting each other in our endeavor to foster a better creators community. Thanks #Kendylife for being the awesome person that you are, not just professionally but personally as well!


Michelle Lim aka Mich
Free-spirit thus don’t stay in one location. Tend to travel around KL, JB, SG a lot.

Konichiwa~! My name is Michelle and known Kendrick for 5 years almost 6 years soon. By random we became god-siblings during the first year. At some point due to his influences, I made good decisions in critical times. Because of him, my circle of friends got bigger and I known a lot of good friends. He accompanied me during my first time venturing in cosplay world and I am glad I turned to him during that time.

During the past years, he invited most of us to celebrate his work anniversaries in KL and I am proud to be one of them. His events is always fun and hilarious nevertheless we spend times together to share our ups and downs. His post is always so true and kawaii thus is it irresistible for not sharing it. Now his work reached 10th year, its a thing to celebrate about! I can’t wait for more of his doodles to come and more years to celebrate!

Good job gor and keep up the good work!

Faiz Suberi
Digital Services Consultant – Idealist

Having Kendrick Ng in my circle of friends is truly an honour. His comics are humorous yet mature and his doodles are as mind-bending as they are inspirational. Never have I met someone with such a raw and distinctive talent that could connect so well with people through his art. Keep on going Kendrick, and always aim for the stars!


Vy Ha
Boston, Massachusetts , USA.

Hello you guys! My name is Vy (pronounced as the letter V) and a proud blogger of TheReliableOne from the US. I’ve known Kendy for quite some time and look how far he has gone now. Kendy, I’ve always been proud of you and supported you all the way for everything that you do.

I remember when I came across a very cute cartoon-ish picture that was drawn by him and I just wanted to see more. So then a stranger added on Facebook and I got connected with Kendrick and got to personally talk to him. I wasn’t exactly “ga-ga” for Kendy but I was happy to make a new friend. Kendrick was very negative about life and about the struggles at the time (back in August 2010). But I tried my best to be there for him. What I remember was encouraging him to not give up. He wanted to give up on all his talents and gifts, such as drawings. But I said NO. I wanted him to continue on what he loved to do so I pushed him and told him one day, he will have his own book. At the end, he published his first book only recently.

We had our ups and downs like normal friends do and we fought, as argue as well. He’s the greatest friend I could never asked for. He even helped design my university club’s logo and we got to passed down his amazing drawings all over Massachusetts with around 200 to 300 people with his drawings on tee shirts. I also showed his designs on stage with 500 in the audience for my club’s annual show.

He and I are a very good team and I hope to meet him some day. But until then, he’s already shining with his talents and glory. I’m very proud of my dear friend.

Congratulations for the 10th anniversary, Kendy! And to many more to come.


Nurliyana Yusnaidi (Nana Eddy)
Blogger at A Brat with Opinions, Academic Advisor & Trainer at Broadway Academy, Selangor, Malaysia

The Brat’s land used to be one that is full of happiness and peace. But one day, I find that my fairy populace had been plague by a weird phantom syndrome disease. The unicorns were running frantic and fairy dust starts to turn into cobweb. Giant spirals of despair and dark hole appeared and swallowed every light and hope in the land. Suddenly a knight in yellow and shiny armor appeared brandishing a sword with ink and started repainting the land with beautiful and colorful shades. He reveals himself as Sir Kendy IV the Fearless who roam the lands in the quest to free the world from this catastrophic disease. Ever since then, we had forged an alliance that shall not be broken even by death – Friendship 🙂

Congratulations Kendy for his 10th Anniversary! We’ve been friends since
2012 (well, at least according to FB info) and I fully support Kendy and his life. Woots to #Kendylife!!!


Adam Tambakau @ AdamTambk
Web & Multimedia Developer, KK, Sabah

Hi Kendrick! Congratulations for your successes in bringing #Kendylife to life over the last 10 years. Here’s to many more decades to come! I know we’re still in the talks, but I’m hoping we do get to collaborate soon on bringing your magic to YouTube life. ‘Til then, all the best dude 🙂


Jefferson Ng
Visual Artist, Character Designer, Kuala Lumpur

I’m Jefferson and I knew his work before him. We have quite a number of similar things in common: We from same state – Sabah, same secondary school – Kian Kok Middle School, an artist that love to doodle and also created a character, we ended up meet up in person during his sharing at doodlesport.

Congratulation on your 10th anniversary and looking forward to have a collaborate with you in future too.


Lewis Liaw
Hong Leong Assurance agent. I travel a lot, mostly at KL, Singapore, USA, Aussie, Taiwan, Hong Kong , Macau, London , Sabah , Penang etc…

I am proud to be one of the 1st who actually withness my friend Kendrick progresses!

When we were still in Kian Kok Middle School, Kendrick showed me his comic and I found it interesting!  At that time, not many people really support him. Despite the negativity,  he still continue his dream, as a 漫画家。He didn’t quit, and he told me that he will publish his 1st comic before end of High school. Unfortunately, before the term ends, I was transferred to another school and we didn’t contacted each other since then.

But when I saw the news from Facebook, he has his very own page and he is close in achieving his dream!! ICongratulation my buddy Kendrick and I wish Kendylife happy anniversary & more successfull works in 10 years to come! ヾ(*´∀`*)ノヾ(*´∀`*)ノ

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