Welcome to my page!

Welcome to my official page! This official page is dedicated for you to explore and keep updated with the latest updates from both #kendylife and house88kend studios.

House88kend Studios is the unofficial name created my works for Digital design and media, digital and social media marketing and finally photography and video.

#kendylife is the webcomic & comic blog series which features chibi characters that tells the life of KendyKun and his friends. #kendylife falls under the category doodles and comics.

I have several skills which you might be interested in! So take a look!

Kendylife or House88kend?

So what’s the different between Kendylife and house88kend? It can be confusing sometimes right? Click here to know more! 😀


Do you know?

#Kendylife was created from the results of a tee design. The design leads to the creation of “kendylife Blog” which was supposed to be a place where I can post daily doodles to impress the girl I like.

Digital Media & Design

From logo to booklet, I design various designs for both offline and online marketing. Which includes invitation cards, banners, buntings, flyers, newsletters, magazines, booklets and many more!

It also allowed me to be much more active in content creation. Anyone with access to computers and the Internet can participate in social media and contribute their own writing, art, videos, photography and commentary to the Internet, as well as conduct business online. And that is what I do!

Digital & Social Media Marketing

As a content creator, doing both social media and digital marketing has lead me to have skills to build awareness and promoting a brand or product using all available digital channels. Social media is strongly associated with a content strategy i.e. creating content and use social media to promote it while Digital marketing goes beyond the Internet and tries to reach people in the off-line world using digital means while social media is limited to the boundaries of the Internet.

Photography and Video

My passion in photography has allowed me to be more patient and creative in life. The little things and memories captured in each photo I create is indeed, magnificent. Besides photography, I also do video editing as well (And yup, I do have a youtube channel if you are curious) – Extra: I love to travel as well if I had the chance!

Doodling/ Comic Drawing

The bread and butter to all my works. I love to doodle since the age of 5, therefore I always walk with a sketching pen inside my bag. Everywhere I go, my doodles followed me. There is no need for me to introduce comic drawing since you can visit my comic blog and Tapastic! 


In progress projects

House88kend 10th Anniversary (2015)
Kendylife Online Market
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More photos, designs and specials available here
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ABOUT House88kend

The name “House88kend” is a combination of the word “House“, birth year “88” and “Kend” together. It literally means “Year 1988 House of Kendrick

The name Kendy was mistakenly called by friends during a Halloween event back at Australia. With the name “Kendy” created which leads to the event of the creation of the “#Kendylife” webcomic blog .

Hello everyone! I am Kendrick Ng! I came from Sabah, Borneo! A Digital Marketer by Day, and freelancer & artist/doodler by night or free time. I am also the Author and blogger of #Kendylife, a webcomic series of his life told in comics. Also a doodler artist who just simply loves to….doodle! I am a Graduate student from Swinburne University of Technology (B.A Multimedia in Digital Media), Australia and UCSI University in B.Sc (Hons) Computing, Malaysia.

House88kend (ケンドリックの家88) was an internet name created by me. The name was created on January 11, 2005 and was still actively use till today. The name was also used for my unofficial studio creation namely “House88kend Studios”. My first house88kend work is a classroom backdrop art.

What if I combine doodles/art, photography and multimedia into one piece of artwork. That would be awesome right?
– Kendrick Ng, year 2006

During the years I have create several art and also comic characters including the character “Natsuko” (なつこ, ナツコ) based from an imaginary Ninyo doll friend which appeared at most of my photography works and #Kendylife comic blog.


I have several skills, but what is my most favorite skill is my doodling skills. There are other skills so this is what my family, friends and fans rate me:

Digital Media & Design 70%
Digital Marketing 80%
Social Media Marketing 80%
Photography and Video 85%
Doodling/ Comic Drawing 95%

Yup I am friendly as well! And no worries, I won’t bite you!
If you are interested to talk to be, feel free to click the button on the right! 😀